Immersive Natural Landscapes

Our estate proudly features a variety of beautifully manicured gardens, serene lakes, enchanting woodlands, and expansive grass areas, collectively offering a diverse and picturesque landscape. For those who enjoy exploring, there are various walking and jogging paths that wind through these idyllic settings, perfect for tranquil strolls or invigorating runs. Committed to eco-friendly practices, we've created a sanctuary that not only delights our guests but also protects and nurtures the local wildlife. This includes a haven for birds, bees, and other wildlife, achieved by minimizing chemical usage on our grounds, ensuring a harmonious and environmentally conscious experience for all.

Unique Features for a Memorable Stay

  • πŸ”₯🌲 Wood-Fired Sauna: Experience relaxation amidst nature with our secluded wood-fired sauna, a perfect way to unwind.
  • πŸ‘πŸ– Summer House and Barbeque Hut: Surrounded by blooming gardens, these are ideal spots for relaxation and dining in any weather.
  • πŸ›πŸŒ² Hot Tub in the Woods: Tucked away for privacy and serenity, offering a unique relaxation experience.
  • 🎣🌊 Fishing Lakes: Two idyllic lakes for guests to enjoy peaceful fishing sessions.
  • πŸŒΏπŸ‘£ Nature Trails: Wander through the woodland walks and meadows, encountering an array of wildlife and our friendly farm animals.

A Sanctuary for Wildlife

Millbrook Estate offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and witness a diverse array of wildlife. The serene woodlands and meadows are a haven for wildlife, where you can observe the elegant grace of deer roaming freely. Hidden within this natural landscape, the badger den provides a rare glimpse into the lives of these elusive creatures in their natural habitat. As the evening descends, experience the enchanting sight of bats taking flight, playing a vital role in our ecosystem.

Our water bodies are alive with activity, offering bird watching opportunities that are second to none. Catch the vibrant flash of kingfishers as they dart near the water, or watch herons gracefully wading in the lakes. Don't forget to look skyward, where you might spot buzzards soaring majestically overhead.

Millbrook's Dark Skies

Stay with us in North Devon for the unique opportunity to witness the celestial wonders of one of England's darkest skies. In the unspoilt beauty of North Devon, the Milky Way stretches majestically across the sky on clear Autumn evenings, while star clusters twinkle like diamonds against a backdrop of black velvet. This breathtaking scene starkly contrasts with the limited celestial view in urban areas, where only a handful of stars are typically visible compared to the 2,000 stars visible on a clear moonless night in North Devon. With 80% of British people unable to see the Milky Way from their homes, our location offers an exclusive gateway to the wonders of the universe, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the enchanting experience.

Devon Tourism Awards Self Catering Accommodation of the Year 2022/23

Voted the Best Self Catering in The South West too!!
Hot Tub Breaks for Two

Hot Tubs: A Soothing Escape

Discover the serene bliss of our secluded hot tubs. Choose between the enchanting woodland hot tub, hidden among the trees for utmost privacy and tranquility, or the serene Lakeview Garden hot tub, an idyllic spot for those staying in Lakeview. Both offer the perfect retreat to relax and unwind, whether after a day of adventure or simply to bask in the peaceful ambiance of our estate.

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WoodFired Sauna

Wood Fired Sauna: Rejuvinate in Nature

Experience the unique comfort of our wood-fired sauna. It's an ideal way to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with nature, all while enjoying the gentle warmth. Discover Our Wood Fired Sauna.

BBQ House

BBQ House: Al-Fresco Dining with a Cosy Twist

Our BBQ house redefines the dining experience, offering a unique and cosy setting for all-weather barbecues. Perfect for grilling your favourite meals, this indoor space is designed to bring the joy of outdoor cooking indoors. Enjoy the warmth and intimacy of a winter barbecue or a sheltered summer feast. This versatile space provides an unforgettable setting for dining, regardless of the season.

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Pamper Breaks in Devon

Pamper Room: Relax with a Massage

Enhance your stay with a visit to our pamper room, where relaxation and rejuvenation are the order of the day. Treat yourself to a message, reflexology or try something new with some Reiki.

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Devon Tourism Awards Dog Friendly Business of the Year 2023/24

Voted the Best Dog Friendly Business in Devon!
Dog Friendly Beaches

Your Own Private Chef

Private Dining
North Devon Foodie

Dogs Are Very Welcome

Dog Friendly Cottages Devon
Elopement Packages

Stay and Elope at Millbrook

Elopement Packages

🐾 Meet Our Animal Friends: The Heart of Millbrook


Welcome to our animal family at Millbrook, where each creature adds its unique personality to our community. From playful alpacas to our friendly Labrador, Ruby, get ready to meet and bond with our delightful animal residents.

πŸ¦™ Alpacas:

Millbrook Alpacas

Meet our charming family of 3 alpacas; Alberto, Carlos and May! These friendly creatures love feeding from your hand, though they prefer not to be touched. We gather up the Alpaca poo and use it to make liquid fertiliser too!

πŸ” Chickens:

Our bustling brood of hens are prolific egg-layers all year round. They enjoy a varied diet of pasta, bread, and fruit, and you'll find them roaming freely around Millbrook during the day. At night, they're safely tucked away. Fancy trying authentic free-range eggs? Just ask, and if we have extras, they're yours!

πŸ• Ruby the Labrador:

Ruby Doo

Ruby, our fox-red Labrador, is as friendly as they come, both to people and other dogs. She's a part of our office team but is always excited for a walk. Feel free to borrow her for a stroll!

🐐 Goats:

Say hello to our friendly goat family – a girl, a boy, and two playful kids. They're full of character and love interacting with food-bearing visitors! They stay within their space for their size and temperament.

🐱 Cats:

Our feline trio includes Willow, a 16-year-old black and white tabby, and two 5-year-old Silver Tabbies, Frankie and Lola. They each bring their unique charm to Millbrook.







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