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Visit our beautiful 32 acre estate. A haven for fishing and relaxtion with beautiful 5 star accommodation. Fishing is free of charge for any guests and is exclusive for guests staying at Millbrook and Rose Cottage

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Coarse Lake Fishing

Our coarse lake is 200m from the Millbrook Cottages. It is approximately 2 acres with two islands stocked with carp up to 25lbs (including Crucian, mirror and common), Tench up to 4lbs, Perch up to 2lbs, Roach and Rudd also some stunning orfe It is underfished (due to no day ticket fishing,only guests staying can fish) but it is a quite peaceful retreat to relax and enjoy the surroundings and have the possibility to catch some of the beauty's that swim within the depths.

The depths of the lake is approximately 8-10 feet at the dam end, with most of the rest of the lake between 4-5 foot with the odd deeper gullies around 6 foot, making this an area well worth fishing, the lake itself is spring fed with crystal clear water it does have some natural weed growing in the lake, as the lake is left to its own to mature there is also some silt on the lake bed so presentation can be quite difficult so helicopter style or chod style rigs with pop-up boilies for the carp would be reccomeneded.

During the winter, a small amount of bait is reccomeneded and something with high visibility as the lake is thriving with natural foods.

There are three handmade wooden fishing platforms.

We bi-annually restock the coarse lake with 3"-4" carp (different strains), which has produced a variety of species and sizes great for anglers of all abilities. Night fishing is allowed for guests staying at Millbrook.
Baits Both natural maggots/worms to pellets, sweetcorn boilies, and floating baits.

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Blake Well Fisheries Old Mill, Blakewell Lane. 1m N. Barnstaple. Brown and rainbow. trout av. 2¼ lb. Various day permits from £20 for 5 fish, to £12 for 2 fish, from the fishery. This establishment also runs a commercial fish farm.
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