Millbrooks' Animals

Alpacas - We currently have 5 alpacas, the youngest was born in September 2018 (Black Girl called Ebony). They are very friendly animals who will eat from your hand, although not let you touch them. Alpacas are kept for wool as alpaca wool is one of the best that you can get. We sell Alpaca socks made from UK Alpaca Wool, so you can try for yourself!

photo of a baby alpaca

Ducks - We hatch and sell ducklings during the Spring and Summer months. We have a group of wild mallards that love Millbrook's lakes. We have various ducks around the Estate during the year.

Dave and the Goat

Goat - We have a girl and boy goat. They are great characters and loves people - especially people with food! They are not free range due to size and general grumpiness!

photo of millie our cat

Chickens - We usually have several hens who are great layers all year round. They love to be fed; pasta, bread and fruit are their favourties. They are completely free range and roam around Millbrook by day. At night they go to bed to be safe from Mr Fox. If you would like to taste real free range eggs, let us know and if we have any spare we can let you have some.

photo of two chickens

Geese - We have a friendly gooose (and currently looking for more) who keeps the grass down in their field. They are enclosed and noisy if you pass but very tame.

photo of geese

Dogs - We have Ruby who is an young fox red Labrador, she is very friendly (to people and other doggies) and available to borrow for walkies. Ruby spends her day in the office with us if you would like to borrow her!

Cats - We have 4 cats, a ginger and white 14 year old called Millie, a friendly black and white tabby who is 13 called Willow and two Silver Tabby young cats called Frankie and Lola.

photo of Charlie our dog

alpacas at Millbrook

photo of willow our cat

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