Accessibility Guide


  • Millbrook is a 32 acre working estate set in a valley with 4 self catering properties.
  • The Mill (the location of the cottages) was built in 1791 and converted in 1992.
  • Lakeview was built in 1989 and is a coach house style property.
  • Each property is fully equipped and 5 star Gold Rated
  • Wheel chair users may find Millbrook estate difficult due to its terrain and soft ground.
  • We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01769 629069 or email

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking

  • Corncott, Pulley Mill and The Wheel Room are accessed via Keypads (keycode provided by email 7 days prior to arrival). This is indicated in arrival information provided 7 days before arrival or via our website location page to download at any time.
  • Parking is available for one car per property (4 spaces in total) right out side the mill entrance - free of charge. We have parking for
  • extra cars approximately 50m for the mill entrance.
  • Accessible parking / a drop off point is located immediately outside The Wheel Room for step less access
  • The drive is graveled and hilly to the main house and office
  • The area is mostly well lit but we recommend bringing a torch (rechargeable torches are provided in all accommodation)

Communal Washing Machine Room

  • There is a washing machine room located in the old kennels
  • 1 step high 28cm by 60cm wide gate
  • Door to washing room 158cm x 56cm
  • Washing machine 51cm x 60cm x 85cm
  • There is a washing machine and tumble dryer free to use
  • The light is a timer push button

Contact Information

  • Address (Inc postcode):Millbrook High Bickington Umberleigh Devon EX37 9BX
  • Telephone:01769 629069
  • Website:
  • Grid Reference: Latitude 50°58'0.82"N Longitude 4° 0'33.88"W
  • Hours Of Operation: 8am till 8pm
  • Local Equipment Hire:Braunton Mobility Tel: 01271 814577 Fax: 01271 815566
  • Local Accessible Taxi:B Line Taxis Ltd 01271 322117 (this taxi is located in Barnstaple and charges maybe high)
  • Non Accessible Local taxi: Steve 07922 131473


For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the location section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is EX37 9BX to get directions (we are located about 3/4 mile from this location but you will usually go past us to get there. For our exact location please use our coordinates Latitude 50°58'0.82"N Longitude 4° 0'33.88"W.

  • The nearest railway station is Umberleigh, which is 3 mile away.
  • Taxis are not available at the station and need to be pre-booked. If you require an accessible taxi this can be booked in advance, see contact information below.
  • Free collection is available from Umberleigh train station but we require at least 72 hours notice to offer this service.
  • A local company can supply equipment for hire. See contact information below.
  • The nearest shop mobility is 12 miles away in Barnstaple Bus station. See contact information below
  • We can arrange for shopping to be put away for you before you arrive. All the major supermarkets deliver to us. We have a Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco in Barnstaple.
  • Our nearest bus stop is 1 mile away with a very limited service to Barnstaple - see contact information below
  • Leisure Facilities

    • The Hot tub is located approx 40m from the mill entrance. Lakeview has its own private hot tub just 3m from the front door
    • The Hot tub in the woods is accessed by a raised wooden walkway.
    • The Hot tub door is 1.2m / 47.24 inches wide (2 doors) and opens outwards.
    • The lid needs to be removed and can by quite heavy- help is available on request in advance.

    Grounds and Gardens

    Millbrook is located in 32 acres of varied terrain including gravel paths, grassed areas. The are lots of benches and seating areas around the estate including on next to the mill (one step access) We have 2 fishing lakes. There is a car park next to our coarse fishing lake

    Additional Information

    • Please just ask – if we can help we will. Please include any details on your booking with anything we can do to help or just give us a call.
    • All of our staff receive regular training that includes disability awareness training.
    • Trained assistance dogs are welcome.
    • All areas in the apartments have good colour contrast between the floor, doors and walls.
    • The nearest general hospital with an A&E unit is 14 miles away and the nearest Doctors surgery is 1 mile away. Please see our guest book for information.
    • We can offer a list of nearby attractions and details of their Access Statement for information, where available.
    • We welcome service dogs in The Wheel Room free of charge (water bowls are provided).
    • Our Duvets and pillows are all hypoallergenic.
    • Corncott and Pulley Mill do not welcome dogs so are suitable for those with allergies.

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Wheel Room
Pulley Mill

Entrance to the Mill

  • Distance from car park to main entrance 15m (sloped across gravel).
  • Steps from car park - 2 – although can use gravel slope to avoid.
  • The Main entrance door is manual, 720mm / 28.34inches wide, light to push and opens inwards.
  • The area is well lit by natural day light and has sensor lights during the evening as well as a lamp on a timer.
  • The floor service is carpet.
  • The Wheel Room is on the ground floor and Corncott and Pulley Mill are access via a staircase.
  • Property Entrances

    • The Wheel Room, Corncott and Pulley Mill are access via the main mill entrance which is well lite.
    • The Entrance doors are all 740mm / 29.13 inches in the mill.
    • The Wheel Room is step free.
    • The entrance is well lit.
    • Lakeview is access via outside steps and stepping stones across the grass.
    • The entrance to Lakeview is fairly well lit but recommend bringing a torch.

The Wheel Room

accommodation is all on one level with level access

Main Entrance
  • Distance from car park to patio entrance steps 10m
  • Amount of steps to top 5 - W 125cm / D 26cm / 14cm and 19cm
  • Width of Patio Doors 109cm
  • Height of Key Hole 104cm
  • Step into Cottage door 19cm
  • Height of fire blanket 148cm
  • Size of Granite in kitchen 60cm x 317cm
  • Height of Sink 88cm
  • Height of Cooker 88cm
  • Height of Light Switches 137cm
  • Width of Archway to Kitchen 142cm
  • Size of Dining Table 140cm x 95cm
  • Size of Sofa 165cm x 100cm
  • Height of light switches 137cm
  • Height of window ledge 85cm
  • Width of Door way to hall 75cm
  • Width of Door way 75cm
  • Size of Bed 166cm x 216cm
  • Space to left of bed 56cm
  • Space to right of bed 104cm
  • Light Switch 136cm
  • Height of Toilet 43cm
  • Space to the left of toilet 31cm
  • Space to the right of toilet 26cm
  • Height of bath 54cm
  • Size of Bath 168cm x 69cm
  • Height of Sink 77cm
Size of all rooms including hallways (approx)
  • Kitchen 168cm x 322cm
  • Lounge 600cm x 564cm
  • Bedroom 391cm x 382cm
  • Hall 220cm x 106cm
  • Bathroom 184cm x 172cm

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Main Entrance
  • Steps from entrance to mill - 13
  • Height, Width and Depth of Steps 19cm x 90cm x 26cm and 17cm x 87cm x 27cm
  • Width of Doorway 74cm
  • Height to key hole 83cm
  • Height of fire blanket 145cm
  • Size of Granite in Kitchen 376cm x 60cm
  • Height of Sink 87cm
  • Height of cooker 90cm
  • Height of light switch 134cm
  • Size of Free floor space 160cm x 174cm
  • Width of door way to lounge 74cm
  • Size of dining table 140cm x 95cm
  • Size of sofa 214cm x 105cm
  • Height of light switches 134cm
  • Height of Window ledges 75cm and 82cm
  • Width of door way to Hallway 74cm
Bedroom 1
  • Width of door way 74cm
  • Size of Bed King Size Divan
  • Height of free standing bath 584
  • Width of Door Way 74cm
  • Height of toilet 43cm
  • Space to the left of toilet 125cm
  • Space to the right of toilet 16cm
  • Free Floor space 2.4m2
  • Size of Shower 118cm x 75cm
  • Height of step to shower 28cm
  • Height of shower knob 134cm
  • Height of sink 79cm
Size of all rooms including corridors
  • Kitchen 160cm x 174cm
  • Lounge 600cm x 564cm
  • Bedroom 357cm x 391cm
  • Bedroom 2 235cm x 208cm
  • Hall 95cm x 376 + 87cm x 87cm
  • Bathroom 209cm x 170cm

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Pulley Mill

Main Entrance
  • Steps from entrance to mill - 11
  • Height, Width and Depth of Steps 19cm x 90cm x 26cm
  • Width of Doorway 81cm
  • Height to key hole 84cm
  • Steps from inside main door to hall way 14
  • Height, Width and Depth of Steps 20cm x 82cm x 25cm
  • Steps to kitchen - 4
  • Height, Width and Depth of Steps 19cm x 80cm x 25cm
  • Height of fire blanket 101cm
  • Size of Granite 391cm x 60cm
  • Height of sink 90cm – freestanding cookers with hot
  • Height of light switches 104cm
  • Size of floor space 525cm x 71cm
  • Size of dining table 100 cm width -Round
  • Size of sofa 225cm x 107cm
  • Height of light switches 133cm
  • Height of window ledge 37cm and 57cm
  • Width of door way from hall 74cm
  • Width of door way from hall 74cm
  • Size of bed 216cm x 166cm
  • Space to left of bed 187cm
  • Space to right of bed 39cm
  • Light Switch height 129cm

(Please Note to Bath Size 180cmL x 90cmW x 66cm)

Size of all rooms including halls

  • Kitchen 525cm x 131cm
  • Lounge 600cm x 274cm
  • Bedroom 426cm x 369cm
  • Hall 131cm x153cm
  • Bathroom 200cm x 292cm

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Main Entrance

  • Distance from car park to steps 80m – drop off point 20m
  • Steps to garden height 7 – W 52.5 cm/ D 20cm/ H 20cm
  • 18 metres from steps to main entrance
  • 1 step to front door (W/D/H) 90cm/55cm/20cm
  • Front door Width 77cm Height 195cm
  • Height of Key Hole from outside door 128cm
  • Height of Key Hole from inside door 103cm
Open plan living area with bedroom
  • Height of fire blanket 140cm
  • Size of Granite in Kitchen 547cm x 61cm
  • Height of Sink 88cm (inset in granite)
  • Height of Cooker 88cm (Built in cooker and hob)
  • Height of light switch 137cm
  • Height to interior door handle 108cm
  • Width of door way 77cm
  • Height to handle for patio door 106cm
  • Height to Velux Window opener 223cm
  • Space to left of Bed 120cm
  • Space to right of bed 80cm
  • Size of bed 155cm x 200cm
  • Size of dining room table 132cm x 91cm x 77cm
Downstairs / Bathroom
  • Size of Washing Machine 51cm x 60x 85cm
  • Height of toilet 42cm
  • Space to the left of toilet 25cm
  • Space to the right of toilet 48cm
  • Height to step to shower 17cm
  • Height of physical shower knob 103cm
  • Width of shower doors 67cm
  • Size of shower 96cm x 96cm
  • Free Floor Space 145cm x 200cm
  • Size of bath 102cm x 148cm
  • Height of bath 56cm
  • Height of sink 88cm
  • Bathroom Door width 75cmM
Size of all rooms including corridors
  • Upstairs 590 x 815 + 130cm x 100cm
  • Stairs (12 steps) 390cm x 100cm
  • Upstairs Hall 130cm x 100cm
  • Downstairs Hall 300cm x 158cm
  • Bathroom 245cm x 267cm

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